MADTechBI is the unified data and artificial intelligence platform
purpose-built for both MarTech and AdTech to serve the
supply-side and demand-side including B2C and B2B
publishers, marketers, agencies, and their enablers.


The MADTechBI Platform is cloud-based, supports real-and near real-time data and analytics, available on-demand, and is composed of six key components:

  • Data Sources (MarTech and AdTech plus disparate data like financials and operations)
  • Data Consolidation (ETL: data integration, and TEMS: data matching)
  • Data Warehouse (AWS cloud-based, multi-node, multi-core, virtually infinitely scalable, secure)
  • Data Science (comprehensive models and sandbox)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Campaign and Enterprise: Analytics, Data Visualization, Reports, and Alerts)
  • 24/7/365 Global Support (Training, Managed and Professional Services)

The platform has its own data warehouse, pre-built and customizable data integrations, dashboards and scorecards to support C-levels and their reports, including VPs, Directors, Managers, Team Leaders and line operators, with need for comprehensive top-down and bottom-up data, information and actionable insight.

How MADTechBI Benefits You:

  • 200+ data integrations ready to use
  • 150+ pre-built dashboard and scorecard templates ready to populate with your data
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Rules-based smart alerts triggered to your schedule
  • Unified disparate data and analytics with single sign-on
  • AdTech and MarTech focused
  • No code solution
  • No programming to learn or use
  • No certification required
  • Fully customizable with white labeling available
  • Managed service platform with 24/7/365 experts in:
    • Data Engineering
    • Data Science
    • Visualization and Analytics

Learn how MADTechBI can transform your business


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