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  • All your Digital, Campaign, Content and Audience data is available for analysis and integrated into an easy to access and intuitive dashboard
  • Delivers a full ad, digital property and page revenue, yield, efficiency, and optimization Business Intelligence solution across your direct, RTB and secondary monetization solutions
  • MAdTechBITM ETL logs into any or all partner systems and gathers all the reports for you, maps disparate data fields into a unified dataset, and even identifies all the campaign elements across the data sources for MAdTechBITM to display, analyze and report
  • Retrieves and combines data with MAdTechBITM ETL from all digital property, advertising, measurement, and brand safety data sources preparing the data for integration and mapping
  • Easy efficient addition of publisher demand sources for management, yield, and optimization
  • Channel data from your Digital Ad Display, Video, Native, Web, App, Email, Social, Search, DOOH, Advanced TV/OTT, Audio, among others are collected and integrated for display, analysis and reporting
  • Users have the ability to see the status of and all of their data feeds in one location, allowing users to make business decisions easier
  • With MAdTechBITM single sign-in, users no longer have to log into multiple platforms in order to gain insight into their business
  • Allows users to integrate and see all their data in the MAdTechBITM platform quickly with little downtime
  • Avail yourself of dozens of pre-built dashboards and scorecards
  • Dedicated 24/7/365 MAdTechBITM and Partner Success teams allow for speedy onboarding and support
  • Your iSOCRATES Partner Success Manager will recommend data and reporting and analytics strategies and goals to help grow your business
  • No hourly charges or set hours to work on your account, everything is included in your MAdTechBITM package
  • Managed Services available for solution management, training, support, add UI/UX dashboard customizations, additional data integrations, custom metrics, and dimensions
  • Eliminate other reporting and business intelligence tools and related overhead

Learn how MAdTechBITM can transform your business

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