MADTechBI™ Dashboards, Scorecards & Alerts

MADTechBITM dashboards, scorecards, reports and rules-based alerts are already available as pre-built or in-development.

iSOCRATES MADTechBITM takes the pain and cost out of creating specific data visualizations, analytics, reporting, and alerts. Of course, you always customize these, create new entirely new ones, or have iSOCRATES do it for you and your team.

With MADTechBITM pre-designed, pre-built dashboards and scorecards among other visualizations, save time and speed time to insight and shared communications while making better decisions sooner.

View this short video that shows how easy it can be to create a data model and data visualization with MADTechBITM :

Learn how MADTechBITM can transform your business


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