Data Sources/Data Consolidation/ Data Warehouse

Data Sources: Access to All Your Disparate Data

“Leave no data behind” is our data sourcing model. This means that without regard to its origin, current state, or preferred method of access, the MAdTechBITM platform can ingest virtually all types of media and marketing, operating, and financial data and at whatever frequency is desired.

We do this by means of API, JSON, .XLS, .PDF/PNG, .CSV, custom adapters, web scraping, and many other methods. In fact, the platform has available 100+ different current pre-defined data ingestion scripts and methods. If we need to create a new integration, we have full-time in-house data and data warehouse engineers available for speedy discovery, engineering, deployment and testing. Internal data hygiene resources are also available.


Data Consolidation: ETL and TEMS as Proprietary Drivers of Data Retrieval and Integration

MAdTechBITM ETL is a universal marketing and advertising Revenue and Technology data collection, import, mapping and integration solution across digital Publisher and Marketer marketing technologies. This solution imports and integrates data from MadTech and AdTech sources for operations, performance, and yield management. MAdTechBITM ETL also imports and integrates agency and marketer campaign and system data across multiple sources and programs to manage pacing, performance, goals, conversion, targeting and ROAS.

  • Cross channel data from your Display, Video, Native, Web and App, Email, Social, Search, DOOH, OOH, OTT, Adv TV, Audio, and other campaigns are collected and integrated for display, analysis, optimization, and reporting
  • Standard and custom data integrations including both digital and offline data
  • MAdTechBITM ETL logs into all your systems or receives your feeds, retrieves and integrates your data into a unified dataset

MAdTechBITM TEMS identifies and maps the site, campaign, AdTech and MarTech detail data across the data sources for analysis, optimization, and reporting

Data Warehouse
  • AWS cloud-based
  • Multi-node
  • Multi-core
  • AWS cloud-based
  • Virtually infinitely scalable
  • Secure
  • Fully staffed with Data Architect, Data Engineering and DevOps

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