MAdTechBI™ Publisher Suite

Publisher Suite

MAdTechBI Publisher Suite is the unified data platform built with Publisher needs in mind. The MAdTechBI Publisher Suite connects directly with your order management system allowing you to see trafficking, revenue forecasts, pacing, and performance all in one place. The Publisher Suite links to your DSP data to show performance trends, comparative and predicative data revenue trends and ROI analysis allowing publishers to optimize for improved revenue generation. MAdTechBI can also connect to your CRM system, financial data, and task management solution streamlining your workflow for day-to-day business.

  • Automated daily data ingestion from API, JSON, .CSV, .XLS, .PDF/PNG etc. with validation, success, and failure alerting
  • Data integration across all AdTech and MarTech technologies and systems
  • Standard and custom data integration, analysis and reporting metrics and dimensions
  • Custom data source detail mapping for publishers of sites, apps, publisher campaigns, demand sources
  • MAdTechBITM TEMS is a proprietary iSOCRATES solution that codes and integrates your MarTech, AdTech, property, digital, and offline data across your data sources
  • Summary and detailed analysis and reporting across all marketing and ad campaigns
  • Secure online customizable dynamic analysis and reporting interface with individual logins
  • Automated addition of omni, multi-channel campaigns across sources
  • Automated scheduled dashboards, reporting and alerts including in Powerpoint, .XLS, .PDF/PNG and .CSV
  • Fully managed customized solution including full customer access and advanced analysis capabilities
  • Publishers, Marketers, and Agencies using MAdTechBITM ETL can easily integrate campaign data from multiple sources to manage campaign delivery, pacing, viewability, brand safety, creative performance, targeting effectiveness and goal optimization across channels and systems
  • Integrates and maps the data from your Ad Servers, Demand sources, DSPs, SSPs, 3rd Party Ad servers, Web Analytics, Ad Viewability, Header Bidders, DMPs, ESPs and other property and MarTech and AdTech systems
  • MAdTechBITM includes retrieving data via multiple options including, but not limited to, API, email, CSV upload, Cloud, and database connect
  • MAdTechBITM TEMS (Trade Elements Mapping Systems) unique, proprietary ability, in combination with MAdTechBITM ETL (Extract, Transform and Load), to match disparate data sources to a single view of the same customer, prospect or audience without excessive labor required
  • Secure solution with organization, user, partner, source and campaign level security management
  • Customization allows for a full white-label solution, including reskinning the instance in your custom look and feel
  • With parent and child seats, customization allows for a different set of reports, data feeds, alerts, and look-and-feel for each end-user
  • All your Digital, Campaign, Content and Audience data is available for analysis and integrated into an easy to access and intuitive dashboard
  • Delivers a full ad, digital property and page revenue, yield, efficiency, and optimization Business Intelligence solution across your direct, RTB and secondary monetization solutions
  • MAdTechBITM ETL logs into any or all partner systems and gathers all the reports for you, maps disparate data fields into a unified dataset, and even identifies all the campaign elements across the data sources for MAdTechBITM to display, analyze and report
  • Retrieves and combines data with MAdTechBITM ETL from all digital property, advertising, measurement, and brand safety data sources preparing the data for integration and mapping
  • Easy efficient addition of publisher demand sources for management, yield, and optimization
  • Channel data from your Digital Ad Display, Video, Native, Web, App, Email, Social, Search, DOOH, Advanced TV/OTT, Audio, among others are collected and integrated for display, analysis and reporting
  • Users have the ability to see the status of and all of their data feeds in one location, allowing users to make business decisions easier
  • With MAdTechBITM single sign-in, users no longer have to log into multiple platforms in order to gain insight into their business
  • Allows users to integrate and see all their data in the MAdTechBITM platform quickly with little downtime
  • Avail yourself of dozens of pre-built dashboards and scorecards
  • Dedicated 24/7/365 MAdTechBITM and Partner Success teams allow for speedy onboarding and support
  • Your iSOCRATES Partner Success Manager will recommend data and reporting and analytics strategies and goals to help grow your business
  • No hourly charges or set hours to work on your account, everything is included in your MAdTechBITM package
  • Managed Services available for solution management, training, support, add UI/UX dashboard customizations, additional data integrations, custom metrics, and dimensions
  • Eliminate other reporting and business intelligence tools and related overhead
Data Sources: Access to All Your Disparate Data

“Leave no data behind” is our data sourcing model. This means that without regard to its origin, current state, or preferred method of access, the MAdTechBITM platform can ingest virtually all types of media and marketing, operating, and financial data and at whatever frequency is desired.


We do this by means of API, JSON, .XLS, .PDF/PNG, .CSV, custom adapters, web scraping, and many other methods. In fact, the platform has available 100+ different current pre-defined data ingestion scripts and methods. If we need to create a new integration, we have full-time in-house data and data warehouse engineers available for speedy discovery, engineering, deployment and testing. Internal data hygiene resources are also available.


Data Consolidation: ETL and TEMS as Proprietary Drivers of Data Retrieval and Integration

MAdTechBITM ETL is a universal marketing and advertising Revenue and Technology data collection, import, mapping and integration solution across digital Publisher and Marketer marketing technologies. This solution imports and integrates data from MadTech and AdTech sources for operations, performance, and yield management. MAdTechBITM ETL also imports and integrates agency and marketer campaign and system data across multiple sources and programs to manage pacing, performance, goals, conversion, targeting and ROAS.

  • Cross channel data from your Display, Video, Native, Web and App, Email, Social, Search, DOOH, OOH, OTT, Adv TV, Audio, and other campaigns are collected and integrated for display, analysis, optimization, and reporting
  • Standard and custom data integrations including both digital and offline data
  • MAdTechBITM ETL logs into all your systems or receives your feeds, retrieves and integrates your data into a unified dataset

MAdTechBITM TEMS identifies and maps the site, campaign, AdTech and MarTech detail data across the data sources for analysis, optimization, and reporting


Data Warehouse
  • AWS cloud-based
  • Multi-node
  • Multi-core
  • AWS cloud-based
  • Virtually infinitely scalable
  • Secure
  • Fully staffed with Data Architect, Data Engineering and DevOps
Business Intelligence: Analytics, Data Visualization, Reports, and Alerts (Campaign and Enterprise)

MAdTechBITM includes the most robust, flexible, and affordable unified data + business intelligence + visualization solution on the market. Our Business Intelligence component is complete, scalable and benefits from continuous re-investment by our partner Sisense from whom we license their BI engine which includes full visualization. Our entire MAdTechBITM team and almost all of our iSOCRATES colleagues are trained in and use MAdTechBITM throughout each day in their own work.  In effect, we are eating our own cooking.


MAdTechBITM Analytics and Reports provides intuitive access to your AdTech, MarTech, digital and offline revenue, costs, optimizations, KPIs and measures for business intelligence, analysis, optimization, dashboarding, reporting, alerting, scheduling, and distributing via multiple channels.

  • Secure online solution with individual logins to dynamic, standard and custom, summary and detailed, dashboards, analyses, and reports from all your campaign and property systems in one easy to use interface
  • MAdTechBITM easily integrates, into a single holistic view, your complex cross system data and metrics such as the following marketer, agency and publisher examples plus many more
  • For Marketers and Agencies campaign delivery, pacing, viewability, brand safety, domain, geo, audience, creative, channel, CPM, Media CPM, Data CPM, CTR, CPC, and CPA, cross and multi-channel campaign metrics, spend, costs, conversion, ROAS
  • For Publishers RPM (Revenue per 1k pages), rCPM (Realized Cost per 1K impressions to determine loss across ad tech stack), realized revenue, impression delivery efficiency, overall site and app fill rates, individual revenue and fill rates for all demand sources, RTB, Direct, by app, site, section, ad unit, audience, and more
  • Inclusion and integration of offline and digital data
  • Option to load historical data
  • For Marketers and Agencies campaign delivery, pacing, viewability, brand safety, domain, geo, audience, creative, channel, CPM, Media CPM, Data CPM, CTR, CPC, and CPA, cross and multi-channel campaign metrics, spend, costs, conversion
  • Data sources and multiple logins integrated into one or many more dashboards
  • Currently, there are nearly 100 pre-designed dashboards available purpose-built for use by publishers, marketers, agencies and/or enablers like data and tech companies
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, campaign-end, and rules-based reports and alerts are readily available to be pushed to email, mobile text, pdf, powerpoint, etc.
Data Science and Modeling

iSOCRATES has deep Data Science, Data Engineering and Analytical subject matter teams and experience focused on serving buyers, sellers and enablers 24/7/365 worldwide.


iSOCRATES Data Science and Reporting/Analytics teams will turn your complex and confusing data into useful insights. We combine information from various sources to develop effective solutions for businesses to drive the growth and efficiency. We work across publishers, agencies and advertisers on all size datasets. Our combination of data science expertise with business acumen provides partners new and powerful ways to understand, activate and monetize their data, inventory, and audience. We design, continuously evaluate potential approaches, draft solutions for interpretability and practical use, build features, algorithms, and determine metrics which are critical for building robust production solutions.


iSOCRATES works together with client-partners to augment MAdTechBITM and to address your specific needs, leveraging well-known methodologies and a rich set of technologies tailored to your solution requirements and goals. Our solutions provide businesses a competitive advantage through a systematic and scientific knowledge discovery.


iSOCRATES Data Science brings intelligence to many aspects of programmatic media and marketing technology. It provides marketers a more powerful and personal digital experience for consumers by making sense of the data created by people engaging with interconnected devices and apps. It provides the tools that enable marketers to reach interest groups and audiences that resonate with their business. It allows publishers to understand and value their audiences and inventory more effectively in real time.


Our data scientists work closely with engineering and product teams on a range of problems around: auction/campaign dynamics, advertising ROAS and yield, targeting, conversion, and marketplaces, detailed.


Campaign performance and optimization, including both Demand-side and Supply-Side Supply Chain Optimization and Data Enhanced Media strategy, and leveraging and optimizing ad trading strategies to enhance supply-side and demand-side trading performance.


iSOCRATES has experience in delivering scalable analytics solutions for any size, dynamic data sets.  Some of the extensive modeling experience we put to use for clients includes:

  • In-market and post campaign reporting and analysis, creating/enhancing taxonomies, audience profiling and audience segmentation, custom segmentation, pricing, log-level analysis, overlap analysis/optimization, yield optimization, inventory forecasting, custom bidding algorithms, lookalike, RFM, propensity/predictive, conversion rate optimization, single- and multitouch attribution, churn, lifetime value, churn, media mix models, and marketing mix models

We build intelligent systems by combining complex integrations with Data Science and Analytics to drive business advancing solutions. Some of our tools, capabilities and skills:

  • Supervised and unsupervised machine learning, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, KNN (K-Nearest Neighbors), K-Means/Hierarchical Clustering, Naïve Bayes, Dimensionality Reduction, Principal Components Analysis
  • Random Forests, Support Vector Machines, Deep Learning, Stochastic gradient descent, Pattern Recognition, Gradient Boosting, XGBOOST, Neural Networks, Ensemble models
  • Bayesian Methods, Non-Parametric Modeling, ANOVA, Time Series, Hidden Markov Model, Monte Carlo Simulations, agent-based modeling, A/B testing etc.
  • R, Python, C++, Java, MySQL, Distributed Computing, Hadoop, Map/Reduce, Hive, Pig, Spark, NoSQL, Perl, SAS, Excel, VBA, Cloud computing, Amazon Web Services
Publisher Suite

For Publishers and Enablers, MAdTechBITM delivers a full Traffic and Monetization Business Intelligence and Data Integration solution across your Publisher Ad Servers, Supply Side Platforms, Premium Publisher Reports, Web Analytics, DMP and other ad and traffic technology systems. MAdTechBITM integrates data from your analytics and monetization management systems providing you with a unified cross plat form analysis:

  • SSPs: AdX, Xandr, PubMatic, Index, etc.
  • Publisher supply: DFP, OAS, Header bidding, Native etc.
  • Ad Viewability and brand safety: MOAT, IAS, DoubleVerify, comScore
  • Analytics: Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, Google 360
  • Social: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat
  • CDPs/DMPs: Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle, Lotame


E-Commerce, M-Commerce and Retail Solution

For E-Commerce, M-Commerce and retailers, MAdTechBITM delivers a full suite of integrations to track inventory, sales funnels, lead opportunities, sales, and accounting and HR.


MAdTechBITM brings together sales marketing, inventory management, accounting, and POS systems to give you a unified look at the financial back end of your business.


Consider the power of bringing together data sourced from:

  • Marketing, Programmatic, E-mail, Social, PPC, Google Analytics, etc.
  • CRMs, Salesforce, Adobe, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, etc.
  • Retail platforms, Shopify, Amazon, etc.
  • POS Systems, Square, Shopkeep, Revel, etc.
  • Inventory Management, Fishbowl, Ordoro, Cin7, etc.
  • Accounting Platforms, Quickbooks, FreeAgent, Netsuite, Xero, etc.
White Label Capabilities
  • MAdTechBITM is a fully customizable platform. This allows the user to see the data however they wish, from reports to data feeds everything can be built to your specifications
  • MAdTechBITM offers a full white label solution allowing the look and feel to be built to your company’s specifications with your logo, color scheme and layout
  • Offers a multi-tenant solution with master accounts being able to support multiple child seats each with their own data and look and feel
  • Each client or child seat is provided with their own login giving them access to a specific set of reports, each of which can provide different reports, views and data
  • No limits on the number of child seats and master accounts
  • Dedicated account manager helps provide support for all your needs

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