MADTechBI Support

Platform Education and Training

Each MADTechBI package includes a product introduction and at least three hours of platform training for your team. This is a no code solution with no MADTech to learn or certifications required. Our Partner Success Managers will ensure that your team is able to understand, navigate and build insights from the dashboards and scorecards within MADTechBI. If you encounter issues, our support teams are available 24/7/365.

Professional Services

Leveraging a flexible onshore partner success-offshore global delivery model, iSOCRATES offers partners a broad range of affordable, transparently-priced technology-enabled and/or labor-based services.

With MADTechBI, iSOCRATES provides mission-critical technology supported 24/7/365 by its own proven and tightly supervised specialists in its own facilities who save partners money and time achieving transparent, accountable data visualizations while delivering meaningfully–often measurably–greater value.

With our multi-million dollar investment in technology and processes, coupled with our low-cost operations in India, partners outsource their business intelligence needs to us for a fraction of the investment and ongoing costs they would incur on their own.

iSOCRATES offers U.S. and international partners end-to-end Professional Managed Services on either a Managed Service Platform (MSP) or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) fee-for-service basis.

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