MAdTech and MAdTechBITM

What Is MAdTech?

MAdTech is the convergence of marketing, advertising and technology. In the past, marketing and advertising technologies lived in separate spaces making understanding the impact of various data sources on marketing and advertising activities difficult to assess. MAdTech provides transparency among data sources to allow for better decision making and performance knowledge within a business.

What Is MAdTechBITM?

MAdTechBITM is a unified media and marketing data and business intelligence platform purpose-built for both MarTech and AdTech to serve both the supply-side and the demand-side including publishers, marketers, agencies and their enablers.

MAdTechBITM provides each Partner with a single sign-on and unified view of their media and marketing activities. The platform is cloud-based, supports real- and near real-time data, available on-demand, and is composed of six key components:

  • Data Sources (MarTech and AdTech plus disparate data like financials and operations)
  • Data Consolidation (ETL: data integration, and TEMS: data matching)
  • Data Lake (High performance AWS Cloud EBS Data Warehouse, multi-node, multi-core, virtually infinitely scalable, secure)
  • Data Science (code-driven data analysis engine)
  • Business Intelligence (Campaign and Enterprise: Analytics, Data Visualization, Reports, and Alerts)
  • Self Service Access

Learn how MAdTechBITM can transform your business

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